Have Some Respect.

Here at The Regrowth Project, we see it all. Plastic bags, glass bottles, aluminum cans, assorted random trash, all over our favorite beaches and local parks. Much of it is there by accident. A plastic bag flies off a boat and eventually washes up on shore. Whose fault is that? The wind? The boater? (boatee?) The store that gave out the bag? Possibly the manufacturer? The blame can go in too many directions. At the end of the day, it’s just another piece of trash to be cleaned.

What really gets the blood boiling is to see a stack of corona bottles or some leftover tinfoil next to a fire pit. Even worse is the full bags of trash that are now ripped open and spilling everywhere. If you’re going to clean up, clean up! There’s no half measures when it comes to keeping our natural environments clean. If I knew how to link a picture on this website I’d show ya. To see trash clearly half cleaned or left behind is the worst thing there is. I can forgive random litter, but some fishing line tangled all around a bush? Forget it. Have some respect. Nature is meant to be enjoyed, but you need to play an equal part. Next time you’re out enjoying the sun and soaking in the ocean breeze, do you part and put trash where it belongs!

This is the first in a series of blogs I’m planning on doing for The Regrowth Project. We clean bags of trash from local parks every day, 7 days a week, wherever we go. There’s always a new trail to scope out. There’s always a new story to tell. If you dig the environment, the outdoors, and want to help participate in the fight against climate change and the plastic crisis, check it out. You can find us at either theregrowthproject on IG or at theregrowthproject.com — once again, we do it all. See you there.


Writing about nature & cleaning trash daily. Follow theregrowthproject.medium.com

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